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Soul Clarity Readings


with Clairvoyant Messenger Jo Homar

Jo Homar offers reading sessions in-Person at her Connecticut & Sedona offices as well as via phone for out-of-state & international clients and for those who want to receive a session from the comfort of their own zen place.


Jo Homar is a certified clairvoyant messenger of spirit.

Clairvoyance is a natural ability to see and connect into other dimensions.

When I provide readings for individuals, they are what I like to call soul clarity readings. This is because the information that is channeled during a session brings clarity to an experience or to a question a client may have. My job as a spirit messenger is to be a channel to receive guidance and clarity for you through my clairvoyant (seeing) and clairaudient (hearing) abilities and relay information so you can take that information to make choices and decisions in moving forward on your journey.

We all have a spiritual team or committee and they are available to assist you on your journey. Your committee is comprised of angels, ascended masters and loved ones in spirit. You also have a High Self which is that part of you without ego. I never know who will be connecting with you for your visit until it happens and I can't guarantee that a particular person will come through.

You will never be told what to do, you will simply receive guidance as to what you can expect in your decision making process. What you do with the insights is always your free will.

The reason I do readings is because readings are healing. I've seen countless times when individuals just are at their wits end and either need closure, reassurance or clarity to a life experience and my readings do just that. They provide insights to bring you clarity. It provides a point from where an individual can confidently release what they need to and move forward confidently knowing that someone is on your team routing you on.