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Business Services Integrated with Intuition

Business Consulting


Website Design Services

- Sedona, AZ -

Business Consulting

I consult with business owners as it relates to their business and life experiences with intuitive guidance. Whether you have a one time question to get you back on track or you need a series of consulting sessions, I can offer you insights into the bigger picture of what is happening to you and around you and in your business. These intuitive insights provide clarity and guidance so you can take the action steps needed to get you from point A to point B and to make change in your life and in business.


Cost: $150/session

My client base includes business professionals; those who hold upper management positions in the corporate world; MD's; DO's; Presidents and Vice Presidents of companies; CEO's; COO's; entrepreneurs; public figures; celebrities; athletes; working professionals in business, insurance, medical, coaching, etc.


Consulting with Jo is a good way to gain insights into your business to assist you with making decisions about options and directions for your business.

Website Consulting & Design

Are you one of those practitioners or other professionals who don't like computer work or you are not good at it? Well, lucky for you and me because I have several businesses and I do like creating and designing websites. For me I find it to be part of my creative process. I do it for my own businesses and now I am offering those services to you.

I can help your business with initial website creation along with updates and changes as your business evolves and grows.

I have 25+ years working in the corporate world which has provided me with awesome computer skills! While in the corporate world I worked as an office manager, personal assistant, executive assistant, department head and I have my own businesses so I know how important it is to have a good website. On the business end of things I have an Associate's Degree in Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and real life experience.

To get started, choose CONSULTING service from the remote or in-person book now buttons.


Cost: $150 for initial meeting.